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dance update!

So I am super excited like whoa!

My dance teacher asked to see me after class, so of course I was going through worse case situation. I was freaking out all during class in my head.
At the end I went over and said "Hi Yoav, you wanted to see me?"

He said " yes, I wanted to ask you what your schedule is like because I wanted to ask you to be in my dance piece"


I am so excited that he thinks I am good enough to dance his choreography. It's a pretty big honor among theater students. AND HE ASKED ME AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
I am so excited I have been jumping around all day!

Only problem is now I don't want to let him down and my schedule just got beyond crazy....Monday classes end at 1:30, rehearsal from 3-5. Tuesday classes end at 7:10, rehearsal from 7:30 till 10-ish. Then I have traversal for a damned recycling play... on Wednesday from 8-9. No more rehearsals until the weekend, however, Saturdays I have rehersal from 9am-11, then 11-1 and on Sundays 9am-11 and then 9pm to 11.

This week might be the last you hear from me for a while....

Oct. 3rd, 2008

tonight and tomorrow = Hell.

Ceramic critic tomorrow(my piece isn't and will not be finished)

Art history test, which I have to study 250 facts from about 15 different pictures from prehistoric, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, and some other early time period oh and vocab. by the way out of that 15 there will only be 4 pictures we need to identify. yeah.

and wood project due Tuesday...but i only got through 1 and 1/2 (that only took me oh 7 hours)of the 7 stages of sanding I need to the carve tattoos (into FEET...?!?!?! WHY DID I CHOOSE FEET???) and then torch them and sand them all over again... I have one more night and I can't move forward...


And I didn't even get to catch up on sleep this weekend at ALL. So I am exhausted. I forgot about this part of college. And WHY THE HELL AM I ON THIS SITE INSTEAD OF DOING SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH MY LIFE?!?!?!?!?!
I talked with you for one night, now get OUT of my head!

"Boom, boom, boom
I want you in my room
lets spend the night together
from now until whenever"
I am PISSED that SUNY New Paltz FAILS at life!
Computers are not always right and I am pissed I have to sit around on my butt waiting for some one to call me back as I lose the room I could get for the SECOND TIME!!!!!!!!!
First the suite deal gets screwed up, now Lenape?!?!
Fine you don't want to reconise me as a displaced student? Then I claim my room as mine and am getting here rediculously early next semester and taking my room back...I don't care if there Freashmen and other people moving in, you guys screwed up YOUR SHIT AND I REFUSE TO PAY FOR IT!
I really enjoy passover dinners...a lot.
I don't even know what I am doing with my life anymore...

what I write instead of my papers

So I am supposed to write something about something, but I can’t remember either so yeah… Let’s say there’s a story. And it’s about this guy named Nolan, and he was really arrogant and annoyed Liz one day by singing “There once was a man from Peru. He dreamed he was eating his shoe. And when he a woke and tried to spoke(???) He realized it had come true” continuously. Unfortunately for this boy named Nolan, Liz was really good friends with a bear…Or we could talk about how this rainbow puked and the unicorns all ran away because they thought the world was ending, which it was…Even better there’s this joke I heard from the late great boy named Nolan “This panda bear and unicorn walk into a brothel, and WHERE ARE YOU?”
I am here typing at this computer in the library, waiting for Nolan to get done with work. I feel the obligation to write something since I finished all the Italian work I could (which wasn’t much). So I vomited and these words fell onto the page. Ever wonder if anyone ever did puke words, that would be interesting to see how stories turned out, kind-a like looking at alphatbit cereal or alphabet soup.
Ever wonder something and then realizes you never wondered about it you just wondered if you ever wondered about it? I wonder how many stars are in the sky, not really. I don’t. I know there is a lot. But for a second I’ll wonder, it’s not like I’ll ever count them. Besides what would I do if I did know how many stars where out there?
“Ever wonder how many stars are in the sky?”
“Nope. I already know”
No fun, that’s why we should never learn everything, because then there would be nothing to wonder about.
I don't really know why I did this to myself, but I did. I will die this semester, no questions about it. I am taking a honors english course on top of a writing intensive art crit course, Italian 2, 2 studios as well as a dance class. Next time you see me I will be one of the walking dead...
" Can you believe he actually thinks I am Living a lie?"


I can't even begin, I'll tell all about it later, to tired to think much less type....