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dance update!

So I am super excited like whoa!

My dance teacher asked to see me after class, so of course I was going through worse case situation. I was freaking out all during class in my head.
At the end I went over and said "Hi Yoav, you wanted to see me?"

He said " yes, I wanted to ask you what your schedule is like because I wanted to ask you to be in my dance piece"


I am so excited that he thinks I am good enough to dance his choreography. It's a pretty big honor among theater students. AND HE ASKED ME AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH
I am so excited I have been jumping around all day!

Only problem is now I don't want to let him down and my schedule just got beyond crazy....Monday classes end at 1:30, rehearsal from 3-5. Tuesday classes end at 7:10, rehearsal from 7:30 till 10-ish. Then I have traversal for a damned recycling play... on Wednesday from 8-9. No more rehearsals until the weekend, however, Saturdays I have rehersal from 9am-11, then 11-1 and on Sundays 9am-11 and then 9pm to 11.

This week might be the last you hear from me for a while....