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" I am so sick"-flyleaf

Not only is that a great song, but it is also decribing my current health status. I hate being sick.....I took some sutifed (I probably didn't spell that right, but I am to sick to care) and that helped, I can actually breath,sort-a.
I have that out of body feeling that one gets when their sick, which is always weird because it feels like your molicules are exploding every where yet are being contianed in your body at the same time. I am feeling incredibly drianed as well, I could barly move my arm much less walk this morning. I can't believe I made it through work. I thought I was going to just fall over and pass out. I was going to go into the city(I was really looking foward to it to) to this broadway festival in the city, but I was so drianed I couldn't, I had to cancel and go crash up in my room.
I have yet to leave the this coast of the US, much less this country. That is one of my goals. I want to travel EVERYWHER! My travel goals:
1. See the US first (I feel like I should know where I come from before I leave to explore the rest of the world, It's kind-a like the know/love yourself before you can know/love others theroy...only applied to traveling)
2. Europe is next (I am quite the mix of nationalities, and I plan to see all the countries I am heridarlly connected to and many others beside them)Oh and I include Russia in with Europe...don't ask me why because I don't know.
3.Asia(need I say more?)
4. Then I wanna hit all the Countries below the equator (this includes: Africa, South America, Eygpt, and Austrialia. I am sure there are others...)
So yeah....I want to stay home from school tommorow and I don't its a tough call, I really, really, really hate being sick.