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I had a diary when I was little, didn't everyone? I really liked mine, actually I had several. It's funny though whenever I look back on them I remeber them fondly, but I just wasn't I child to write. I mean my journals really are a testiment to my personality, I am very, flighty? no thats not the word...I would say fickle, but I am not sure if thats what I mean either. I have entry's placed at random happenstances of my life, I'll write in it for a 2-3 days, then my next entry will be one if not more years later. I always feel almost as if my diaries where fake...I don't think thats right either but I look back and I don't really remeber if that was my emoution or if it was the emoution I was supposed to feel. I think my truest entries are the ones I wrote when I was young, the ones that don't invovle the "emoutions". Ex.: (If you can imagine that the writing is in pencil, poorly spelled and writen) Dear Diary. 1997
To day I baby sidid (aka babysat) Piget(piglet, the stuffed Piglet{the one from whinne the pooh}that my brother used to have) I had a lot of fun. end example. So it did invole feelings, but I mean I wasn't thinking about what I was feeling, I was just feeling it.
I always had good intentions when it came to writing in my diary, one day I'd pick it up agian and I'd swear that I'd write in it everyday, because it was so much fun. The next entry would be 3 years later...Thats what I meant by my "flighty-ness" I always have good intentions, I wonder how long they'll last for this websit?