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All That Remians

That is a really good book by Patricia Cornwell. It's creepy, but good. My cousin gave it to me to read, still haven't finished it. After a certian point of reading murder mysteries/horror thrillers, things become more than they are to your imagination. I was camping and it was a really windy night. All my older girl cousins and I share a tent. I got the end. So anyway, it was really windy out. I woke up in the middle of the night, when I say windy, I mean it, our tent walls were swaying in over my head. And the tent we were in had a bunch of zippers, so it made a lot of noise. I swear to you my brain was thoroughly convinced that there was some one circling our tent. And I could just see the hand with the knife shredding though the tent towards me. It was unbelievablly scary, normally when this stuff happens, I can reason out that it's of course not true and I will still be scared, but I still know it's not real b/c there really isn't a threat. This time was different, no amount of reasoning helped me, I was terrified. And that Dane Cook joke was in my head about how he'd rather be shot b/c you can see the knife stab you and come back again. Most jokes are based on some sorta truth, and this joke only made my terror worse.
That's one of my major problems, and gifts. I have an over active imagination. I can see a story,or more like a ballet shaping it's self if I got to listen to an orchestra, or I can imagine the worst creatures lurking around my basement or following me at night. I don't know if I would want to trade it out of my life though, its very important to me. It can be my escape mechanism, I just hate when I get gripped with fear by it.