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Blah seems to be the word I use a lot online when I don't know what to say or what a direct feeling is. I don't know why. Some times I feel that when you finally get something you want, you like it but you just don't really want it any more. Or a least you don't want things that go a long with it. Random, I know bout thats how I feel right now.
I still want a pet, or something with soft fur to cuddel with. I don't really wanna dump a pet on my parents though, what w/ me leaving off to colledge (if I do stay on the island, or in the city, I wouldn't feel so bad though).
I want super powers, I just wouldn't be able to decide what I want (not that I can make decisions in real life though...). Flying would be awsome, something I'd always wanted to do. Even though they'd get in the way, I'd still want wings. Wings are cool. Thats probably number one. But I'd really like to talk with animals, or even be just insanly good with weapons (I wouldn't want to actually hurt anyone, so that would get in the way if that was my power). Reading others thoughts, or being able to call fire, water, air, or earth (I'd love to be able to grow things, it'd be like in Fern Gully!) would be AWSOME! Blah, I am indecisive...
I need to shower, b/c I don't want to have to take 2 showers tommorrow (one before, and one after work). And its getting late. This was a werid rant sorry to any one who bothered to read it.