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The Cat Who Wished To Be A Man -Alexsander

I am officially content with my life. Even thought there's still a lot of stuff I need to do, and days to live; I am having a moment of satisfaction. Nothing greatly significant. Just sitting at my computer listening to my brothers i-pod with cool head phones, full from the grill cheese sandwich(with ketchup) and potato soup, and I feel utterly content. I wish I could spread my mood to others. Its nice to feel this way.
I was napping at my sisters field hockey game, I was supposed to be reading A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man. But conditions dictated other wise, being curled up in the drivers side of the car the seat set back and the sun shinning on me, was simply irresistible. Now I am feeling more a awake, and probably should be doing something productive. Ah everything is coming back to work, thankfully nothing to strenuous hw wise, but I need to put together my art portfolio for tomorrow.
In English class today we were discussing the nature of art, it was so interesting. I would have liked to stay in the class all day. It kept being brought up how most "true" artists are considered ahead of there time. I was thinking about that and it doesn't really make sense. It is THEIR time, who says they are a head. It seems to me more like society is behind. And it's so stupid, that society is always so resistant to good new ideas, when it opens to fast pack change that isn't always nesccary. Sometimes I feel like some deep breaths are need and a slower stroll could be used. So many small things are over looked. Some thing as simple as walking threw some form of nature(what ever floats your boat, beach, forest, fields, take your pic.)is need to remind us of the beauty that exists. It's so easy to get caught up in the rush of things. But there always are counter points, Stop and smell the roses, but if you stop to long a bee could sting you (the saying goes something like that, I don't remember exactly). I Balance is needed in life, but wouldn't it be nice for once if you didn't have to worry about the bees? Or what ever else the effect will be?


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Nov. 21st, 2006 02:47 am (UTC)
i love you babe.

i really do and I can't believe how you can just type one post and make me wanna give u a huge hug.

I know this is a bit delayed but now who takes forever to post hmm?

<3 love and miss you lots xoxox

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