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Metalic Ooze and Severed Shrunken Heads

Yeah, todays like today are AWSOME!!!!
My day was fine wasn't bad or spectacular, did get out of gym though(yay for cancelled class). Until, I went shopping with Elsa and Lisa. It was kind-a planned and to be honest I thought I wasn't gonna go at first, but when Elsa called I thought, well why not? (the only reason not to go is b/c I have several chapters of Moby Dick to read, but hey I can do that tonight and when I am off 1st tommorow. Senoir-ists? me? nnnnooooo) So she pulls up and I hop in (just thought I would add that we had some of the classic No Dout singles playing, very good driving music. We went to Party City where we proceeded to have a most excellent time! Running around, kicking balls, trying on werid hats, reading birthday cards(I spent mabey a good 1/2 hour or so doing that), and causing general mischif and distruction all while reciveing strange while bemused looks from employees. I got super cool metalic ooze stuff(which I never got as a kid so I made Elsa buy it for my birthday, oddist stuff ever. Feels liquid-y but is solid-ish and is not wet.)and the best thing of all....a severed shrunken head(which I plan on rapping up in a box and giving it to my english teacher, b/c I am sure he will find it amusing expecially since we're reading Moby dick and there is a character who sells heads. I am giving it to him to replace the stuffed animal that hangs from his moniter, for the duration of Moby Dick atleast, plus it makes his room more mannly). Elsa and Lisa bought a bunch of props/costumes for their children theater shows. The most superior of these items being Elsa's bow and sucktion cup arrow. We had much fun with that.(more to come later in the story).
Afterwards we went to the 99 cents store, which was fun, but not nearly as much so as Party City. And then off to grab pizza ( Elsa bought b/c I spent all the money I had on me on the head-only $5's). Then it was off to more fun with the bow. We harrassed Sarah at work, by shooting the bow and arrow around in the store, made friends with her boss who we ended up talking to more then with Sarah ironically although we did hang out with her for quite some time. And now I must rush to finish for I must fly to dance! But *sigh* It has been quite a wonderful day!