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what I write instead of my papers

So I am supposed to write something about something, but I can’t remember either so yeah… Let’s say there’s a story. And it’s about this guy named Nolan, and he was really arrogant and annoyed Liz one day by singing “There once was a man from Peru. He dreamed he was eating his shoe. And when he a woke and tried to spoke(???) He realized it had come true” continuously. Unfortunately for this boy named Nolan, Liz was really good friends with a bear…Or we could talk about how this rainbow puked and the unicorns all ran away because they thought the world was ending, which it was…Even better there’s this joke I heard from the late great boy named Nolan “This panda bear and unicorn walk into a brothel, and WHERE ARE YOU?”
I am here typing at this computer in the library, waiting for Nolan to get done with work. I feel the obligation to write something since I finished all the Italian work I could (which wasn’t much). So I vomited and these words fell onto the page. Ever wonder if anyone ever did puke words, that would be interesting to see how stories turned out, kind-a like looking at alphatbit cereal or alphabet soup.
Ever wonder something and then realizes you never wondered about it you just wondered if you ever wondered about it? I wonder how many stars are in the sky, not really. I don’t. I know there is a lot. But for a second I’ll wonder, it’s not like I’ll ever count them. Besides what would I do if I did know how many stars where out there?
“Ever wonder how many stars are in the sky?”
“Nope. I already know”
No fun, that’s why we should never learn everything, because then there would be nothing to wonder about.